Wandering attention:
It doesn’t matter if we’ve been dating someone for a year or a day, we want to feel like the other person is paying attention to us and vice-versa. With the passing of time, of course, we feel more and more relaxed and comfortable in the other person’s presence, it’s not a big deal to have a smartphone come up anymore. But if our partner looks at his phone more than into our eyes on the first date, that is a red flag. “If someone finds your cell phone more interesting than the other person sitting next to it, that’s a pretty warning sign of whether there will be a second date.”

The conversation gets boring:
While short pauses or silence are completely natural in a conversation, if we stare at our plate more on the first date than we talk to each other, there’s a good chance there won’t be a connection from our date. “If the conversation doesn’t go smoothly and requires a lot of effort to maintain the discourse, it’s unlikely there’s a big love story unfolding,” explains the relationship expert. Curiosity and attention are very important in order to form a relationship, without them the two parties will not fit together very much.

There is no spark:
If we are really attracted to the other person, flirting comes instinctively, from both sides. If, on the other hand, our dating partner’s approach seems to be far-fetched and forced towards us, this is a warning sign that this is our first and our last date too.

Do not plan for the long term:
On the first date, a common question is what kind of relationship the other person is looking for. If our partner doesn’t mention us or even talk about long-term relationships at all, we probably won’t meet up with him/her in the future.

Doesn’t mention the second date:
One of the most common and easiest way to increase the chance of a second date is to plan the next one after the end of the date. If we don’t interest someone enough, they won’t talk about further meetings. On the one hand, he does not want to lead us on false hopes, and on the other, he does not want to confuse us.

We are waiting for the call the next day:
We used to be excited for days after our first date, thinking who will make the first call. Nowadays, we are stressed about whether we will get a message the next morning. If our potential partner doesn’t show up within 24 hours, it’s good to be prepared that there won’t be a second date. If we really care about the other person, they also have the intention and excitement to as soon as possible.

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